fredag 17. februar 2012

Dear non-Norwegian readers: Nordicomics in Riga

First off in this report from Nordicomics workshop in Riga is this insane portrait of me, done by the Dane Mikkel Sommer.
We spent last week at the get together arranged by The Finnish Comics Society and Kus!Comics, and met artists from Latvia, Finland and Poland. If you don´t know Kus, the Lativan publisher releases one of the most interesting anthologies in Europe, making several issues a year. (Even winning the Angouleme award for best alternative comic 2012.)
Mikkel Sommer displayed next to Kristoffer Kjølberg
#2 from the left: Among the contributions were this amazingly depressive 4-page from Hanna Gustavsson.
"Good Morning, Oslo", a story following the first part, "Good Night, Oslo", which is an ongoing zine that will come in English some time soon.
The workshop was accompanied by the ongoing exhibition, a comic battle (a Scandinavian battle, it turned out), and presentations by the artist involved. 
Some of my work which will appear in the up coming postcard collection from Riga.

Our doings from this week are to be published as a book of postcards later this spring. The exhibition continues to tour the Baltic countries, and ends up in Budapest spring time 2012.

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